Etsy Seller Spotlight: Kailo Chic

I’m not sure what happened. One day, I was all about purses. The next, they were gathering dust in my closet. As recently as last summer, I could not own enough wristlets – tiny purses attached with a loop to hold on my wrist. They were perfect for my busy life and I carried only the basics inside: phone, wallet, key and lipstick.

Since starting my own business a year ago, I now carry a laptop bag most every day. And I guess over time, it became a bigger hassle to constantly transfer (and remember to transfer) those items from computer bag to wristlet. Instead of putting them in a purse, I would just reach into my laptop bag — grab the essentials — and go.

Problem was… sometimes my phone was wherever I left it last. My keys were in my pants pocket and my wallet… Um, where did I see that?

I don’t even remember what I was searching for on Etsy one day when I stumbled upon this item at Kailo Chic‘s shop. I thought, “Wow, that’s really pretty,” so I checked out the rest of her shop.

smartphone wallet, Kailo Chic

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her smartphone wallets. It felt like she had designed this product just for me — a place to put my iPhone, money and car key — all in one cute compact wallet.

I contacted Kara immediately and asked her to combine the elements I loved about the polka dot clutch purse into one of her smartphone wallets. Within a week, I had my very own custom wallet.

Curious, I contacted her again to find out how she came up with this original idea.

“I came up with the idea of the cell phone wallet, because despite being a handbag designer, I don’t carry a purse with me that often. I usually just have my phone, keys and wallet. So I needed to come up with a wallet that could hold all three and free up my hands. The wallet turned out to be just what I needed, so I figured other women would probably need them too and began to make them for my Etsy shop,” said Kara.

“They really took off the last few months and I have begun adding new fabric choices for my customers to choose from. My personal favorite at this moment is the coral and white chevron print with the turquoise elastic. There is just something about that color combo that screams spring and summer to me!”

What custom item have YOU purchased on Etsy that you absolutely adore?

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