26 Delicious-Looking Dinosaur Cakes

This we know to be true: dinosaur cakes are like snowflakes. No two are exactly the same. We had absolutely no idea that when we set out to find the coolest dinosaur cakes, that we would be overwhelmed by the volume, variety and creativity.

There were so many to feature, it was difficult to choose just a few to feature here. We divided our findings into 3 categories: round cakes (by far the most popular), dinosaur-shaped cakes and rectangle cakes. Colors varied from the traditional green, to baby blue, to red, to pink. If you’re making your own dinosaur cake, by all means – decorate it any color you choose!

Last summer, I baked a plain yellow cake and dyed the batter a bright green. I frosted it with chocolate icing, then balanced tiny plastic dinosaurs on top for my older son’s 6th birthday. I thought I was so clever then…oh well.

Round dinosaur cakes:

Dinosaur Birthday Cakes

a – Charmaine’s Pastry Blog
b – Bake Cake Create
c – LA Baker
d – Iced Over Cakes
e – MariChula’s Cakes
f – Bee’s Cake Design

More round dinosaur cakes:

Dinosaur Birthday Cakes

g – The Cupcake Tarts
h – Pimp My Cake
i – Peretzpup (Flickr)
j – Sweet Things (Dutch)
k – For the Love of Cake
l – Amanda’s Cake Creations (Flickr)

Dinosaur-shaped dinosaur cakes:

Dinosaur Birthday Cakes

m – Baby Cakes
n – Victoria’s Cakes
o – Lizzie’s Cake Shop (Flickr)
p – The Caker
q – Wilton cake pan
r – Frances Bakes
s – Cakes by Toni (Flickr)
t – Sugar-Cakes (Flickr)
u – Spigrrl (Flickr)
v – Cakebox

Rectangle dinosaur cakes:

Dinosaur Birthday Cakes

w – JellyCake
x – Lily Pad Bakery
y – Pink Oven Cakes
z – Cake Amsterdam

If you need even more inspiration, head over to Google Images and Flickr.com and search for “dinosaur cakes.” There are literally thousands of dinosaur cakes to look at.

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